Your First Float

Floating is a very simple procedure. A shower must be taken before and after your float. So there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Towels – We will provide towels. However, you may bring one if you prefer.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – We also provide these. However, you may have a preferred brand that you want to bring.
  •  Hair Dryers – Hair dryers can be loud. So, we have particularly quiet ones in our bathrooms that we would be thankful that you used.
  • Hair Brush/Comb – Please bring your own brush or comb.
  • Earplugs – To prevent salt water from entering your ears and to help with sound insulation, ear plugs are provided
  • Music – Some people just want to float in a weightless environment and listen to music without sensory deprivation. If that’s you, feel free to bring your own music that we can play in your tank during your session. Otherwise, we can provide an array of music as well including music made specifically for float centers!
  • Your hair will be getting wet unless you bring a swimming cap or a shower cap.


  • Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before your float session.
  • Do not float if you are freshly shaven as the high amount of salt in our solution can sting and irritate your skin.
  • Epsom salt is a great hair volumizer and has NO effect on hair colors or dyes. However, floating is not allowed within 5 days  of new hair coloring or treatment as it can ruin the pristine water in our tanks!
  • Please make sure you use the restroom before you float.
  • Caffeine before a float is not recommended but will definitely be available afterwards!
  • Do you have some thing special that you want to work on after your float? Feel free to bring it and spend some time post-float in our lobby area. Pads, pencils, and other materials for capturing inspiration from the tanks will be available as well.


1.     Arrive 15 minutes before you check in, especially for your first time. The Float Host will ask you to sign in and show you the restrooms and your float room.

2.     Take a short pre-shower and step into the float chamber.

3.     Music  will play and the soft light will stay on for the first 5 minutes in order to get yourself situated

4.     The music and lights will fade out leaving you to the uninterrupted bliss of your float session.

5.     5 minutes before your float is scheduled to end. The music and soft light will fade back up signaling the end of your session.

6.     Take a post-float shower to remove all Epsom salts and get dressed.

7.     Feel free to spend some time with refreshments and reading/writing/drawing material before returning to the world.

8.     Enjoy the benefits of floating for days afterward!