Rise Above Floatation’s Response to Covid-19

We want to say a little something to acknowledge the threat of COVID-19 in our Community. We want to continue offering you a sanctuary to reset, but we also want to make sure that it’s as safe as possible for both our guests and our staff. To that end, we hope you consider employing kindness and empathy with others, and yourself as we all move through this together. We will continue to operate as we are able, and to adhere to any guidelines put forth by the CDC and our County Public Health Department.


Short answer, No. There are many factors that play into this (in particular our excellent sanitization process), but the salinity of the float water actively prohibits bacterium from growing (something akin to preserving meats with salt). To date, we have not seen any incidents of contagion from any float tank that was properly maintained and sanitized.

We use EPA-approved sanitizers throughout our facility, including the tank walls, float rooms, bathrooms, floors, … like everything (including every door handle, every time). We are also running dedicated air extractor’s throughout our facility. We have hand santizer available for your use as you enter our facility, and are temporarily providing (even more) disposable products (like biodegradable single-use cups).

We thank you for understanding that we put the health of our entire community first, and we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of when we are better able to do so. Thank you for your kindness and empathy in this matter.

Please call us at 914-241-1900 to find out more about our sanitation policies or check the CDC Website or the Westchester Department of Health to find out more about Covid-19 and how to handle it.