Rise Above Floatation Brings Sensory Deprivation to Westchester, NY!

If there is one thing we can count on in our modern society, it’s distraction.

The noise of our digital culture spills into every aspect of our lives and it’s not going to get any quieter.

Do you ever find yourself looking for a way to actually reconnect with yourself?

Opening its doors this winter in downtown Mt. Kisco, Rise Above Floatation will offer the community an opportunity to experience the benefits of sensory deprivation in a variety of floatation cabins and pods to those looking to alleviate stress and take time to relax.

The benefits of sensory deprivation are profound. By removing all external input to the body, the mind engages itself to its fullest potential. It is an environment that creates an intense focus in the user, maximizing creativity, problem-solving, and what some even call “super-learning.”

Floatation is not a fad or a new form of alternative therapy. Expanding on Dr. John C. Lilly’s groundbreaking work in the 1950s, the scientific community has been gradually unpacking the incredible benefits of sensory deprivation for creativity and health. Its therapeutic uses  are currently being researched by Dr. Peter Suedfeld, and Dr. Justin Feinstein of the Laureate Institute of Brain Research to help people affected by eating disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and addiction issues.

Floating provides a window into the lowest reaches of our brains. A window that allows us to see the rhythm of our life. A window that allows us to literally feel sentients. The flow of sentients. Completely untethered from the external world.” – Dr. Justin Feinstein, Clinical Neuropsychologist

We invite you to come and join our growing community. Have a float. Experience the calming sensation of relaxation and creativity! At Rise Above Floatation, our goal is help you in your journey to a fuller life.