We are now OPEN! – Introducing Our Two Float Rooms

There’s been a lot of progress at Rise Above Floatation these past couple of months and our soft opening is here. What have we been doing all this time? Here is a brief look at what to expect when you come:

TWO of our float rooms are all ready to go, waiting for you to get inside of them to feel that sweet escape from this savage world as you lay back with only your thoughts and your own awareness to bring you that true rest.



“The Dark Fantastic”     is where your wingspan can fully unfurl in an extra wide float cabin. Originally built for two people, we use it so we can stretch right out into the ether!







The Womb Room

The Womb Room





“The Womb Room” is where you go to be cradled in the loving embrace of our specialized float pod. Feel safe and secure until this amazing space egg automatically opens and hatches your relaxed self back into the world.





After your float, feel free to relax in our lobby where we will shower you with soft light, warm drinks, and ambient sounds. You will be able to write about any revelations you may have had during your session with the stationary provided or just reflect on how you feel.

We are super excited to have been able to put this together and will be even more excited when we see you here!


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