Rise Above 2016 with the 2017 “Habit Ladder” Float Program!

Float Every Week of January at a Specially Reduced Rate!
Then Build On Your Achievements With a Reduced Membership Price!

It’s 2017! Time for a fresh start. You most likely have new plans and new routines just waiting to be set in motion. Floating is a great way to help you build and sustain these habits and goals by strengthening focus through visualization.

Our January “Habit Ladder” is a new program to make the power of the float tank more accessible and to help you with all your objectives.

For the month of January, buy a 4 float package for $150 by using the discount code newstart.  These floats come to $32.50 each!

You only have 30 days to use these floats and then they’re gone. However, if you do use them all in 30 days, you can get a 20% discount on the first three months of any membership!

These floats have to be non-transferable, which means that only YOU can use them to maximize the power of the habit ladder!