The Passions of Mount Kisco Package 2017

The Passions of Mount Kisco Gift Package

For the Month of February…..

The Passions Of Mt. Kisco Gift Package includes everything you need to make for a night of romance in Mt. Kisco.

Discover the inner fires that burn bright between you with two 1-hour floatation sessions at Rise Above Floatation.
Enjoy an evening at Pour for Anthony Colasacco’s Rhapsody in Bubbles – an exploration of all things effervescent.
Luxuriate in a shared box of delicious treats from the premier patisserie of Westchester County (if not all of New York State), La Tulipe Desserts.
Enhance your romantic journey with the ultimate symbol of love – 12 of the reddest roses from Hollywood Flowers.

The treasures of Mt. Kisco that are available in this package are only $275 dollars and are subject to availability.

Total package does not need to be used on the same night but please give us 24 hours notice before booking any or all of it.

To order, call Micah at 914-241-1900.