Discover Your Floatmap – A Guided Meditation Series

A Floatation -Based Meditation Series To Create 
Long-lasting Internal Awareness

A float has the ability to create the powerful beneficial feelings that many have converted into real world actions but many people are asking how to extend those feelings beyond the float session. 

We are excited to start a new program to help floaters access their ability to relax in conjunction with their experiences in the float session through guided visualization and meditation.

There is no charge to attend but space is limited so an RSVP is required.

Donations are accepted.

An Intimate Guided Meditation Series Designed To Map Out and Navigate the Internal Path To Relaxation.

The journey of the mind as it goes from its normal pattern of life into the float session and back again is accompanied by different patterns of brain waves.

When the brain is in what’s called its “waking rhythm or its “beta” state, it is focused on the outside world and dealing with concrete specific situations.

As we begin to relax, the brain slows down to what is called the “alpha state”. It is still aware but unfocused. Most people generate alpha waves when they close their eyes.

As we approach or exit sleep, our brains create theta activity, which gives us access to unconscious material, reverie, free association, insights, and inspiration.

The float session can provide a clear internal understanding of our bodies as we traverse the states.

The goal of this series is to gain more control over how we reach alpha and theta states beyond the float through specific intention setting, visualization, and meditation.

Come to Rise Above Floatation starting Wednesday, January 17th from 6:15 to 7:15 to participate in this group exercise led by Jamie Nottingham.

Space is very limited so RSVP is required.

Please call 914-241-1900 or email to register.
Jamie Nottingham is a martial arts expert, yoga teacher, and meditation guide who has developed a specific meditation practice to help you map out your mind during your float and return to these states throughout the day.