Rise Above Floatation is Westchester County, New York’s first and only floatation center

based on the science of sensory deprivation for deep relaxation and exceptional awareness.

Rise Above Floatation features three Floataway sensory deprivation tanks designed by Colin Smith, chief engineer of Rolls-Royce and co-inventor of the Concorde supersonic passenger jet.

Our tanks include:

The Flagship Float Tank From Floataway

The Classic Float Experience




The Tranquility Pod – The flagship model from Floataway, a  specialized sensory deprivation chamber designed for maximum climate control and comfort.






Our Biggest Float Chamber

Float Within A Great Expanse



Our Extrawide Float Cabin – For those who prefer extra elbow room in their float experience.





Ease Your Mind In An Open Float Room


An Open Float Room – For claustrophobics. A climate controlled room to give piece of mind to anyone with a touch of claustrophobia.

We are located at:

111 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY.

A 2 minute walk from the Metro-North Mount Kisco train station on the SouthEast Line makes us a convenient location for anyone from Manhattan to Dover Plains.

We have private parking so you don’t need to worry about any parking meters. With plenty of overflow parking across the street, you can be sure to find a space no matter what.

Massage and floating go together swimmingly. We can provide a post-float massage by a licensed massage therapist if you call 48 hours in advance.